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Latest UFO sighting report

California-05-13-08-My 14-year-old daughter came running into the house this evening quite disturbed by something. As I spoke calmly to her she said she'd heard a faint "whirring" sound at the same time she saw a partially illuminated disk moving in an arc through the late evening sky. She later described that it was in plain view through some thin tree branches, and moved from the southwest toward the northwest.
She described the whirring sound by blowing, almost whistling, and slightly pulsating and she described the size as slightly smaller than a fifty-cent piece held at arm's length. It came into her range of view at the same moment as she heard the whirring sound and stayed in view for about five seconds before disappearing behind the nearby apartment buildings.
She showed me the spot where she stood, where it came into view, where she last saw it, and indicated its approximate speed with her hand.
I had her draw a picture of what she saw: a partially lighted disc-shaped object with lights on the glowing side on the edge in a crescent, which I hope to add to this report when I can scan it into the computer.
She stated that she didn't know what it was when she first saw it, that the darker side was almost exactly as dark as the sky, and the brighter side was clearly visible with several lights.
She was quite startled when she grasped the fact that it wasn't anything she'd ever seen before. She dashed back into the house the moment it went out of sight, and was for a moment too startled to say anything.

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origional UFOs

Image enhancement of the object and linear feature. Credit: NASA
They stabilized images to correct for camera movement, and then aligned multiple frames in a sequence. One thing that showed them was that the object appeared to move slightly with respect to the moon, because of parallax brought about by slight camera motions and the nearness of the object to the camera.The investigators also combined several frames in a sequence, to give them higher resolution and greater contrast than individual frames. The combinations showed them more clearly a "linear feature" attached to one side of the object. They also looked at archived images from other Apollo missions.Bottom line: "All of the evidence in this analysis is consistent with the conclusion that the object in the Apollo 16 film was the EVA [spacewalk] floodlight/boom. There is no evidence in the photographic record to suggest otherwise."
Image above: High-resolution, digital scan of a full frame from the original Apollo 16 film showing the object in question (top center) and its position relative to the moon. Reflections in the window are also visible (left and right). Credit: NASA

Beginning their return from the moon to an April 27, 1972, splashdown, Astronauts John Young, Thomas Mattingly and Charles Duke captured about four seconds of video footage of an object that seemed to look a lot like Hollywood's version of a spacecraft from another world.

The thing was described as "a saucer-shaped object with a dome on top." The images were captured with a 16mm motion picture camera shooting at 12 frames per second from a command/service module window. The object appears momentarily near the moon. As the camera pans, it moves out of the field of view. It reappears as the camera pans back. It appeared in about 50 frames.Some very bright people recently worked hard to analyze that footage. Their conclusion was that the object wasn't at all what some observers thought it seemed to be. There is no indication the Apollo 16 crew ever thought the film showed anything special.A group headed by Gregory Byrne of Johnson Space Center's Image Science and Analysis Group completed a report on its investigation earlier this year. They used a video copy of the film initially, then did a high-resolution digital scan of the original film for detailed analysis.

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origional description of flying machine obtained NASA website

Those who believe that there are intelligent extraterrestrial beings who are visiting our planet, must also assume that Earth would not be the only place in the deep emptiness of space that they would travel to. Even using advanced propulsion systems, the great distances between solar systems, planets, and moons would almost certainly necessitate a stopping-off place, or rest area, if you will. This would, of course, allow for maintenance, refueling, and a break for the occupants of the long journey, or possibly a change of crew members.
Small Cities:
If these assumptions are true, then there is a good possibility that these way stations or rest areas would spawn a creation of structures to store needed supplies like fuel, food, and parts, and also housing for communications equipment. This in turn would require personnel to run the stations, and live there, which would also require housing and the necessary requirements of life. These small cities, even if partly or totally underground, would have a certain amount of visibility from above.
Signs of Existence:
Even the most discreet space station would have some sign of its existence, like a beacon for incoming ships. If alien races were visiting Earth, and wanted to remain secretive, it is very possible that they would choose the far side of the Moon for a station location, it being a short distance from planet Earth, and yet hidden from telescopic and photographic view. The only time that these structures would be visible is when earthlings visited the far side.

1980-The Cash / Landrum Piney Woods Encounter

landmark case in the history of UFOs is the 1980 Cash-Landrum incident which occurred in the Piney Woods of Texas. This case marked the only time that any American citizen has sued the United States of America for damages received from a UFO. This extraordinary case is only rivaled in Texas by the 1957 UFO landings at Levelland. The events of Piney Woods began on the night of December 29, 1980, as Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum, and Colby Landrum were driving through the woods trying to find an open Bingo game.
A Frightening UFO: They soon encountered a diamond-shaped UFO hanging over the road ahead. The two adults, Betty and Vickie, first thought that they were seeing a helicopter or airplane. There were several airfields not too far from them. But this object was not like a helicopter, plane, or anything else they had seen before. The large, menacing UFO would from time to time shoot reddish-orange flames toward the asphalt road below.
A Sky Full of Helicopters: Betty, though frightened, was somewhat fascinated by the other-worldly looking object. She was now out of her car, and watching the UFO as it hovered above and ahead of them. Suddenly, the skies were full of helicopters. Betty remarked:
"They seemed to rush in from all directions... it seemed like they were trying to encircle the thing."
The ladies felt that the helicopters must be from a nearby air base. Betty returned to her car, and found the door handle was hot enough to burn her hand as she got inside.

1948-pilot crashed following UFO

Kentucky Air National Guard Captain Thomas Mantell was piloting his F-51, when he received radio orders to check out a large, metallic disc which had been reported by citizens of the area, and clearly seen from the tower of Godman Air Force Base. After reporting that he was in pursuit of the object, radio contact was lost, and his plane soon crashed to the ground, killing Mantell.

1897-he aurora exas,UFO crash

Occurring during the "Great Airship" wave of the late 1800s, the legend of a UFO crash and a dead alien have survived over a century of debate. Allegedly, the dead alien pilot is buried in the local cemetery. The story of the crash was related by local newspapers, the UPI, and AP. The city received "historical site" status because of the incident.

original email from Robbie Williams


I was facing Sunset Strip lying on a sun lounger about 11.30 at night in the yard of a hotel I was staying at. The yard area was about 50ft square(maybe less) and at the end of it are palm trees and bushes, which obscures peoples' view from the other side in (and ours out). I was with a friend who was lying next to me on another sun lounger and we were both staring upwards. From what I remember, an object flew over us at about 200 to 300 ft may have been higher I don't know. It was definitely black with yellow stripes underneath. Now, I'm not sure if it was square or triangle, but I do remember that it made absolutely no noise whatsoever. My friend and I both saw it. I don't know why, but I had a hunch it was one of ours. In addition to this sightening, there was another very strange occurance I witnessed one Friday night about 5 months ago. My friends and I were playing a song called Arizona (about ufo's) that we had written. It was dusk and, suddenly, a big ball of light appeared over the san fernando valley. We were standing on my balcony at the time. When the song finished it disappeared .......when we played it again it came back on...once again, when the song finished it disappeared.......this happened 4 times. During this back and forth with the ball of light, an electrical storm came in and the balcony on which we were standing was hit by the lightening. One of my friends said he saw it (the ball of light) fly straight up and out of sight. I can't vouch for this cause I didn't see it with my own eyes, but he was sure that's what he saw happen.......we came in off the balcony after the lightening had just missed us and were stood back in my studio, when, out of nowwhere, (and everybody that was there saw this) a black strip of light a few inches thick came in through the studio door and stretched about 20 feet or so (the length of the studio) and went out through the opposing studio window. Then 4 white large (spotlight) lights appeared in the clouds ...2 in front of the house and 2 a few miles behind it....Though the shape and look of the light did resemble Hollywood search lights, but the patterns they were making and the distance they were traveling was amazing. This happened for an hour and half from about 10 o'clock at night onwards and then again after 2 o'clock for half an hour...everything shuts down in L.A. at 2 am, so I don't know if it would be legal for a club to put spot lights on at that time in the morning....maybe you could find out? If you want to start a thread about this you can with my permission.....What do you think?
I'm off to watch Iron Man....


the internal design of most popular UFO-he flying saucer

An Encounter At Sea---posted by a reader

In mid 1998, around the time of 9:00 PM I was standing starboard look-out on a cruiser class naval ship. We were about 50 miles SE of Coronado Island, off the coast of San Diego. I noticed a light on the we moved further the light became brighter in bright, that it seemed the sun was coming up. When we reached the approximate vicinity of the light source I found that it was only a distance of about 4 to 5 nautical miles away. It was lighting up one entire side of the ship. The object I saw creating the light source was a triangular cluster of lights that seemed to be perched right on the surface of the water. As I took a look at the object through my binoculars and the ship's 'big eyes' (an incredibly high-powered magnification unit), I noticed that each individual light seemed to be putting off some sort of a visual gaseous fume...much like the after-burner effect of an F-16.
After visual confirmation, I notified the Operations Specialist that I had a visual contact on the water bearing at 090 degrees. I asked him if he could spot a contact on his radar screen, to which he replied, "No, I have no contact at that bearing." (Having spotted objects on numerous occasions during our many sojourns at sea, I had a pretty good sense of directional association). I then repeated the bearing and asked him to check again to which he replied, "No, I have nothing on my screen." I then asked the aft look-out if he could see the contact I was referring to. He reported that he could see the object as clear as day and asked me for more information on it. I then asked the Operations Specialist to ask the Officer of the Deck to come out to the starboard wing and take a look at the unusual surface contact. He looked at the object for several minutes and when I asked him what he thought it might be he had no information to give me. He told me that it was "nothing to worry about."
As we moved on into the night, I repeated the visual scan of the object in an attempt to ascertain what it's purpose could be. The cluster was amber in color and six individual lights comprised its shape. It remained absolutely motionless and the lights never wavered, remaining in a fixed position the entire time. While I could not see the actual source of the lights, my every instinct told me that they were attached to a common object and not necessarily singular in nature. To this day and hour, I cannot understand why neither the Officer of the Watch nor the Operations Specialist onboard my ship seemed the slightest bit concerned, alarmed or curious about this seemingly unexplainable occurrence.
I was soon to learn that I would be witness to yet another incredible and bizarre experience. It was several months later that our ship was once again out to sea...this time in the Pacific ocean. It was approximately 0130 and I was standing starboard look-out. I had been watching the foam churn up around the hull of the ship as it passed through the water and the glow of the phosphorus turned the white wash to a luminescent green. My attention was suddenly turned toward what looked like an approaching surface contact. Within a few moments, I could tell that the object in question seemed to be below the actual surface of the ocean. The contact was a mere 100 yards off the starboard side, just aft of our ship at a bearing of approximately 165 degrees. As I examined the approaching contact, it seemed that there were only two white lights, parallel to each other. I realized that this contact was not on the horizon (the horizon has a distance from the ship at any given time of about ten to twelve miles). The contact appeared to be 'riding' along side of us, and at the same time, beginning to accelerate past us. Shortly thereafter, the messenger of the watch came out to the starboard wing (by this time, I had reported the contact to the bridge), followed by the Conning Officer, the Boatswain's Mate of the Watch and the Operations Specialist. We watched the object pass us while it remained fully submerged at a depth that seemed only twenty-five to thirty feet. The object appeared to be moving at a speed only slightly greater than our own.
We all made our guesses as to what the object might be, but no one single person was absolutely certain of what it was. The fact that the object was so near prompted us to shine a flood-light in its direction. In doing so, we still could not ascertain what the lights were connected to. Keeping in mind that a submarine has no under-water lights attached to its hull and it was clearly under the surface of the water, we quickly ruled out the possibility that it was anything mundane. We continued our present course and speed until the object had completely passed us.
The captain was not notified of the incident at the time (of course, being only an enlisted member of the crew, I was never made aware of whether or not he was told). We were all left scratching our heads. On that note, if anyone does have any information on what type of craft or object it might have been, or if you are a former Naval member that had a similar sighting, please respond via Cosmic Conspiracies. I just wanted to share some of the very bizarre events that I have witnessed first hand on those long, dark nights at sea.

UK Government Release UFO Files

The UK's Ministry of Defence has just released 8 new files on UFO sightings dating back to the 1970s, including witness accounts and the government's response.
On May 14th, the MOD released the files to the National Archive as part of a four-year project to make them available to curious members of the public.
The documents include hundreds of police reports taken from witnesses who describe seeing lights or strange objects in the sky, from southern England and Wales up to Northern Ireland.
The files cover reports from 1978 to 1987. The rest, dating from the 1950s and covering recent history, will be released over the coming years.
Nick Pope, the well known UFO investigator who once worked on the MOD's 'UFO Desk', has been involved in their release and appears in an official National Archives video regarding the release of the documents .

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Chronology of UFO Crashes in the Former Soviet Union

1. 1941: June-Belorussia. Near the villages of Goszevo and Dubrovki, wreckage salvaged by NKVD troops and transported to Omsk. Later moved to Zhitkur in l945. 2. 1945: Bulgaria. Wreckage againtransported to Zhitkur. 3. 1946: Romania. Again, wreckage transported to Zhitkur.4. 1953: October- The disc-shaped UFO approximately 5 meters in diameter with a band of multi-coloured lights around its middle, crashed near the village of Grachevka west of Orenburg region in Russia. Wreckage transported to Zhitkur. 5. 1955: UFO crash in Kazahstan. Allegedly in-tact the UFO was once more transported to Zhitkur. 6. 1957: A UFO is alleged to have crashed in eastern Kazahstan on the Semipalatinsky nuclear test site. Salvaged by the military unit 52605 the wreckage was transported to Zhitkur. 7. 1958: In September a UFO some 15 meters in diameter crashed in the north-eastern part of Kazahstan. Transported to Zhitkur. 8. 1959: On January 21 in Gdynia, Poland, a hemispherical-shaped UFO around 3 meters in diameter fell into the Gdynian bay area. Observed by many witnesses it is also thought that ‘bodies were also recovered. The bodies were allegedly sent to Moscow for examination. No details of where the UFO was taken to. 9. 1962. Another UFO is alleged to have crashed near the nuclear test site at Semipalatinsk in Kazahstan. Again transported to Zhitkur. 10. 1961: April 28 near the Korb lake east of Leningrad. A UFO crashed in this area leaving behind traces on the ground. 11. 1962: A disc-shaped UFO is said to have crashed in northern Russia with the wreckage transported to the Odintsovo base near Moscow. 12. 1964: Two fully in-tact UFO’s were allegedly transferred to the US military by extraterrestrial beings. 13. The first Soviet piloted alien vehicles were flown and full contact with the extraterrestrials was made in June l964. 14. 1966: A UFO was observed to crash into the taiga setting it on fire in the Tomsk region near the village of Topolevka. 15: 1966: On June 17 near the town of Elista in the north Caucasus region of Russia, a UFO was seen to explode and fall to the ground. 16: 1968: A UFO crashed on the Kolguev Island north of Arhangelsk region of Russia. Transported to the Odintsove base. 17: 1974: A globe-shaped UFO exploded near the town of Donetsk in the northern Rostov region of Russia. Debris from the explosion examined by many people. 18: 1978: Western Kazahstan. A UFO similar is shape to a fighter aircraft was allegedly shot down by the Soviet military. UFO and its pilots were transported to Zhitkur. 19: 1978: Location unknown. A landed cylinder-shaped UFO come 35 meters long was allegedly seized by the Soviet military and transported to Zhitkur. 20: 1979: On the 17 February near the village of Zhigansk, Yakutiya republic of Russia, a disc-shaped craft with a mirror-like surface crashed into the banks of the Lena river. Alien bodies were allegedly recovered which were later autopsied at the Moscow State University. 21. 1979: A UFO crashed in the Ural region of Russia near the village of Rinburg. The wreckage was transported to the Odintsovo military base. 22. 1981: In May a UFO exploded on the Kolsky peninsula in the Murmansk region. Debris was recovered by the Soviet military authorities and taken to the Monchegorsk military air base. 23. 1983: On May 5 a cone-shaped UFO was allegedly tracked on military radar and shot down by ground air defence units near Ordzhonikidze in Northern Caucasus. The wreckage was recovered by the military and transported to the Odintsovo base. 24: 1983: A UFO was allegedly shot down with an experimental laser weapon in Kazahstan. 25: 1984: A seismic shock wave hit the Kolsky peninsula in the Murmansk region. An alleged UFO crash was reportedly responsible and the wreckage was later recovered and transported to the military base at Monchegorsk. 26: 1984: In northern Russia in the Taymyrian area of Siberia , near the Enisey river a ‘dolphin-shaped’ craft was recovered from the river and removed to the Zhitkur base for study. 27: 1984: On July 20 in the Baku mountains of Azerbaijan, a UFO was seen to crash into the mountains. 28: 1986: On 29 January a steel-coloured, globe-shaped UFO crashed on height 611 on the Izvestkovaya mountain near the small town of Dalnegorsk. Debris was recovered and examined. 29. 1987: Near the end of August a rocket-shaped UFO some 14 meters long crashed near the Vyborg north-west of Leningrad. Wreckage transported to the Monchegorsk air base. 30: 1987: In early September another UFO dogfight took place over the town of Tutaev in the Yaroslavl region of Russia. The UFO eventually crashed into a bog in the Darvinskiy reserve and the wreckage was recovered and taken to Zhitkur. 31: 1987: On November 2, about 80 kilometres from Krasnovodsk in Turkmeniya, a UFO approximately 290 meters in diameter had landed on the water of the Caspian sea. The UFO then exploded and there was almost nothing left of it apart from an oil slick in the sea. 32: 1988: On November 22 near Al’myakovo in the Tomsk region of Western Siberia, an unidentified object is alleged to have crashed. The official version given by the authorities was that it was a bolide meteor. 33. 1989: A large UFO plummeted to earth just outside of the city of Omsk in Western Siberia. The object was recovered and taken to the Odinstovo air base. 34: 1989: In early June a UFO had allegedly caught fire and had crashed near the small port town of Nyda north of Tumen region of Western Siberia. It is alleged that live extraterrestrials were recovered and taken to the Odinstovo base near Moscow. 35: 1989: In the autumn a small globe-shaped UFO exploded in Dushanbe, the capital of the Tadjikistan Republic, Soviet Middle Asia. It exploded in the Imonov’s family yard. 36: 1989: On 16 September UFO fought between themselves over the town of Zaostrovka, Perm in the Ural region of Russia. One UFO was shot down by another UFO,. It was recovered and taken to Zhitkur. 37: 1990: In January a UFO was shot down by a Soviet surface-to-air missile near Vladivostok after being tracked on radar. 38. 1990: On September 26 traces of a possible UFO crash were found in the Kyzylkumy desert in the Uzbekistan Republic, Soviet Middle Asia. 39: 1991: On April 12 a strange explosion in Sasovo, Ryazan region of central Russia. A huge crater was later found but no debris. 40: 1991: In November a UFO dogfight was observed near the town of Ezibastuz, Pavlodar region of Kazahstan. Two UFOs seemed to be fighting each other with one eventually crashing. 41: 1991.: In November a UFO was shot down by a Russian military fighter aircraft. The UFO crashed nesar the town of Prohladnyi, north of Kabardino-Balkar Republic. The UFO and its ET pilots were transported to Zhitkur. 42. l992: in June/July there was yet another strange explosion in Saovo. Again, only a crater was found and it remains as a suspected UFO crash. 43. 1992: On June 25 a UFO was allegedly detected on radar flying over Moldova in the Ukraine. A Soviet MIG fighter was despatched to intercept. Allegedly the MIG collided with the UFO both of which crashed as a result. 44. 1993: August/September Another UFO was allegedly tracked by a Soviet satellite system over the Ukraine. The UFO was shot down by military authorities and crashed near the town of Nikolaev. 45. 1994: On May 15 in the Ukraine, some 40 kilometres south/south-west of Kharkov, near the village of Ohochee, an unidentified object crashed. Debris examined by civilian UFO researchers revealed it as extraterrestrial in origin. 46. 1994: In June, Ukranian military authorities are credited with shooting down yet another UFO. This time it was 100 kilometres north-east of Kiev. The object was later recovered and transported to the military base at Herson where ET bodies were discovered inside it.47. 1995: In May another UFO again was tracked by satellite and once again shot down in the Ukraine. Crashing into the Carpathian mountains near the border with Rumania, the wreckage was once again recovered and taken to the Herson military base. 48. 1995: In November a UFO exploded in the mountains of the Chechinia Republic, near the small village of Itum-Kale. The wreckage was gathered by Chechinian forces and all records of the event were said to have been destroyed during the was between Checinia and Russia. 49. 1996: In August a huge UFO exploded near the village of Shirokee in the Zaporozhe region of the Ukraine. The wreckage was recovered by the Security Bureau of the Ukraine and was transported to the Herson military base. 50. 1997: On July 21 a UFO was reported to have fallen into the Caspian Sea in the coastal waters of the Dagestan Republic. The crash was witnessed by the crew of the ‘Szhukin’ tug boat. 51. 1997: In August an elliptical-shaped UFO fell into the forest near Mezmay, Krasnodarsky Kray, North Causcasus region of Russia.

UFO Crash Retrieval

From: QUEST INTERNATIONAL (c/o 15, Pichard Court., Temple Newsam., Leeds, L515 9AY., ENGLAND U.K.) --A major British UFO research organization consisting mainly of retired Police, Security and Military personnel, and its investigation of what may well be the most documentable case of the crash-retrieval of an unidentified flying disk to date: On the 7th of May, 1989, NORAD installations allegedly tracked an unidentified object as it entered African air-space. The South African Air Force is also said to have tracked the craft by radar, traveling at a calculated speed of 5746 nautical miles per hour. The incident was related by a South African Intelligence Worker, who along with documentation of his military position, also sent documents and transcripts to two QUEST INTERNATIONAL investigators, Tony Dodd and Henry Azadehdel, telling of the event. Also, several RECORDED telephone conversations with high-ranking military and government officials were obtained which strongly suggest that "something" did in fact happen over South African terrain. Some of these recorded conversations involved military officials in South Africa who strongly reprimanding the intelligence worker-turned-informer over the phone. This was due to the fact that the informer had left South Africa for Britain, where he stayed at the house of the researchers, and then later went into hiding. QUEST INTERNATIONAL director Graham W. Birdsall has stated that the documentation and the individuals involved in the incident are of such a nature that the event must have taken place, or the International Intelligence Community is collectively perpetrating a hoax concerning a recovered flying disk. Birdsall strongly suspects that the incidents did take place, due to the weight of evidence. Following is part of a word-for-word transcript given to the researchers by the informant, describing what he alleged to be the actual top secret report of the initial tracking of the object: "...The object entered South African air space at 13.52 GMT. Radio contact was attempted with object, but all communications proved futile. As a result two armed Mirage fighters were scrambled. A short time later the object suddenly changed course at great speed which would have been impossible for conventional aircraft to duplicate. "At 13.59 GMT, Squadron Leader ----- the pilot of the fighter reported that hey had radar and visual confirmation of the object. The order was given to arm and fire the experimental aircraft-mounted Thor 2 laser cannon. This was done. "Squadron leader ----- reported that several blinding flashes emitted from the object which had started wavering whilst heading in a northerly direction. At 14.02 is was reported that the object was decreasing altitude at a rate of 3000 feet per minute. Then at speed it dived at an angle of 25 degrees and impacted in desert terrain 80 miles north of the South African border with Botswana, identified as the central Kalahari desert. Squadron leader ----- was instructed to circle the area until a retrieval team arrived. A team of Air Force Intelligence Officers, together with medical and technical staff were promptly taken to the area of impact for Investigation and retrieval. The findings were as follows: 1) a crater 150 meters in diameter and 12 meters in depth. 2) A silver coloured disk shaped object 45 degrees embedded inside of crater. 3) Around the object sand and rocks were fused together by the intense heat. 4) An intense magnetic and radio-active environment around the object resulted in electronic failure of air force equipment (causing the crash of one Air Force helicopter). 5) The object was eventually moved to an Air Force Base for further investigation. 6) The terrain of impact was filled with sand and rubble to disguise all evidence of the event having taken place..." The report indicated that a hydraulic type landing gear was fully deployed, suggesting that electronic malfunction had caused the object to crash, probably due to the Thor 2 laser cannon having been fired at the craft. While the team observed the object at the Air Force Base a loud sound was heard. It was then noted that a hatch on the lower side of the craft had opened slightly and appeared to be stuck. This opening was later forced with the use of hydraulic pressure equipment, at which point two humanoid entities in tight fitting grey suits emerged and were promptly apprehended. The report stated that the entities were of the following description (emphasis ours - Branton): "HEIGHT: 4-5.5 ft.; COMPLEXION: Greyish blue - skin texture smooth, extremely resilient; HAIR: Totally devoid of any bodily hair; HEAD: Oversize in relation to human proportions. Raised cranium with dark blue markings around head; FACE: Prominent cheek bones; EYES: Large and slanted upwards towards side of face. No pupils seen; NOSE: Small consisting of two nostrils; MOUTH: Small slit devoid of lips; JAW: Small in relation to human proportions; BODY/ARMS: Long and thin reaching just above knees; HANDS: CONSISTING OF 3 DIGITS, WEBBED, CLAW-LIKE NAILS; TORSO: CHEST AND ABDOMEN COVERED WITH SCALY RIBBED SKIN; HIPS: Small narrow; LEGS: Short and thin; GENITALS: NO EXTERIOR sexual organs; FEET: CONSISTING OF THREE TOES, NO NAILS AND WEBBED. NOTES: Due to AGGRESSIVE NATURE of humanoids, no samples of blood or tissue could be taken (One humanoid ATTACKED DOCTOR causing DEEP SCRATCHES ON FACE AND CHEST). When offered various food, refused to eat... One way passage has been requested for both humanoids to Wright Patterson Air Force Base USA for more advanced investigation and research..." Many of the details regarding these "humanoids" are actually very similar to other branches of the reptilian race as it has been described by other witnesses. It appears as if the serpent race is composed of several different branches or types, much the same as dogs or other animals retain their distinction but are composed of several different "breeds". Commonly known reptiles are devoid of bodily hair, have prominent cheek bones, large slanted eyes, small openings in place of ears, 3-digit webbed hands and feet -- except in the case of snakes etc. which lost their limbs through atrophication over 1000's of years -- have claws, are covered with "scaly" ribbed skin, and have no external reproductive organs, being egg-layers, and are aggressive and predatory in nature. The top-secret document indicated that the passage of the object and creatures would be implemented on the 23rd of June, 1989 to Wright Patterson AFB. Actually, sources DO indicate that Wright Patterson DID IN FACT GO ON RED ALERT on that date. Subsequent documents supplied by the Intelligence source to Q.I. indicate that the creatures seemed to have a strong connection with the SAURIAN race which existed in ancient times. The exact wording of one particular document which is now in the hands of QUEST INTERNATIONAL is as follows: "All informations found aboard alien spacecraft concerning the evolution of alien life forms indicates to an evolution similar to that which we find on Earth PRIOR TO THE EXTINCTION OF THE DINOSAURS... (the findings indicate) a high degree of adaptability. Further physiological and psychological studies performed in South Africa and in the United States points to a simple and complex structure of behavior. It would seem as if these lifeforms CAN NOT FUNCTION INDEPENDENTLY WITHOUT GROUP INTELLIGENCE AND IDENTITY TOGETHER WITH A CENTRAL COMMAND. According to additional informations found aboard retrieved craft a separate race is designated superior by them. CONCLUSION: An in-depth study and analysis of the psychological make-up and behavior prediction is advised. Studies performed on two alien life forms captured has proven that they cannot act independently from own acquired intelligence without access to communication, orders and instructions from a hierarchy or central command..." Three different aspects of the South African affair in fact coincide very closely with what other sources have revealed concerning these reptil-saurian "alien" creatures: 1) the "saurian grays" are the lower echelon of a hidden reptilian hierarchy... the other or "superior" race that is considered to be superior is a bipedal reptilian-saurian species as well, although they are a different and taller "branch" of the serpent race; 2) the serpent race - saurians - reptilians operate on a "collective consciousness" level as if the individual alien beings are -- to put it in one perspective -- individual "cells" in an immense hive-like mind, or "body" of a single immense creature. Actually there seems to be a COMBINATION of both individuality AS WELL AS "collective" or "group" consciousness operating within these entities. 3) The description of the "aliens" as well as the electromagnetic nature of their craft corresponds exactly with descriptions given in HUNDREDS of separate reports of this nature. The Intelligence Officer who contacted QUEST INTERNATIONAL and provided them with the information, claims he did so out of concern for the security of the human race as a whole, and although he was pressured into signing a 'National Secrecy Act' form he believes that he would be guilty of treason against the human race if he did not disclose what he knew, and what the governments were trying to hide.

Reported Crashes and Recoveries based of Witnesses and Newspaper Articles.

1864 September Cadotte Pass,
Missouri Original newspaper article of 1864.
1884 June 6 Holdredge, Nebraska Inconclusive but quite interesting.
1884 December 13 Sorisole, near Bergamo, Italy
1897 April 17 Aurora, Texas Hoax ?
1897 April 19 Leroy, Kansas, USA Hoax ?
1907 Burlington, Vermont, USA
1908 June 30 Tunguska River,
USSR 1910/1915 Puglia Italy
1923 Quetta, Pakistan
1925 Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA
1925 Sept/Oct Polson, Montana
1930 Mandurah, West Australia
1933 Italy
1936 Black Forest, Germany
1938 summer Czernica, Poland
1941 West of San Diego, Ca
1941 Spring Cape Girardeau, Missouri
1941 July 4 Tinian Island, Oceania
1945 Somewhere in the UK
1945 Mataquescuintla, Guatemala
1946 Magdalena, NM
1946 July 9 Lake Barken, Sweden
1946 July 10 Bjorkon, Sweden
1946 July 18 Lake Mjosa Sweden 1946 July 19 Noon Lake Kolmjarv, Sweden 1946 August 12 SW Sweden 1946 August 16 Malmo Sweden 1946 mid-October Southern Sweden 1947 January Papagos Indian Reserv. AZ NEW 1947 May Spitzbergen, Norway Newspaper articles, cover up, 17 bodies. 1947 May 31 Socorro, New Mexico 1947 July Near St. Joseph, MO 1947 July 4 Roswell, New Mexico, USA The well known Roswell affair. 4-5 bodies, one alive ET? 1947 July 5 Plains of San Augustin, New Mexico, USA 1947 July 31 Maury Island, Tacoma, USA Complicated hoax?. 1947 August 13 Hopi Reservation, Arizona 1947 October 2 Cave Creek, Arizona, USA 1947 October Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA 1947 October 20 San Diego , California 1948 Kingman, Arizona, USA 1948 February 13 Aztec, New Mexico, USA Controversial, 12 alleged bodies rccovered1948 March 25 White Sands, New Mexico, USA 1948 7/8 July Near Laredo, 38 miles inside Mexico Bodies recovered. 1948 August Laredo, Texas, USA 1 body recovered 1949 Roswell, NM, USA Not the famous case of 1947. 1949 August 19 Death Valley, California, USA Story by 2 prospectors. 1950 (before) Near Mexico City, Mexico Second hand witness. 1950 January Mojave Desert, California, USA 1950 February 10 Copenhagen, Denmark Farmer witness UFO explode. 1950 March? New Mexico, USA FBI memo mentions recovery of 3 crashed saucers. 1950 April Argentina Bodies not there anymore on next day 1950 Birmingham, Alabama Single witness case. 1950 May 10 Bahia Blanca Province, Argentina 1950 September 10 Albuquerque, Texas, USA 3 bodies 1950 December 6 El Indio/Guerrero area, Tex-Mex border, Texas, USA 1952 July Washington DC, USA 1952 July 23 Pueblo, Colorado, USA Admitted hoax. 1952 August Ohio, USA 1952 August 14 Ely, Nevada, USA 16 bodies recovered. 1952 September 9 Spitzbergen, Norway Probable mystification. 1953 Brady, Montana, USA Recovery of bodies by military. 1953 April 18 South-West Arizona, USA 1953 May 20 Western Utah, USA 1953 May 20/21 Kingman, Arizona, USA Reliable witness, 2 bodies 1953 June 19 Laredo, Texas, USA 4 bodies 1953 Summer Fort Polk, LA, USA 1953 July 10 Johannesburg, South Africa 5 bodies 1953 October 13 Dutton, Montana, USA 4 bodies 1954 (Spring) Matydale, New York, USA Police denies incident. 1955 July Vestra Norrland, Sweden 1955 May 5 Brighton, UK 5 bodies 1957 July 18 Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA 4 bodies 1957 September 14 Ubatuba, Brazil Physical evidences, fragments analyzed. 1957 November 21 Reasty Hill, Scarborough, Yorks 1958/1959 Woomera, Australia 1958 Utah desert 1959 January 21 Gdynia, Poland 1959 Frdynia, Poland Body and parts. 1959 September 17 Wormer near Amsterdam 1959 Undated Italy, North of Rome 1960s offshore Spain 1960s Great Sand Dunes, Co 1960 March New Paltz, New York, USA Alien dies 28 days later. 1961 Timmensdorfer, Germany 1961 April 28 2am. Lake Onega, Karelskaya, USSR. 1962 June 12 Holoman AFB, New Mexico, USA 2 bodies 1962 Otero County, NM 1962 April 18 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Impressive events. 1963/1972 Australia, 12 recoveries 1963 July 16 Charlton, UK 1963 December 10 Cosford RAF, UK Alleged crash cover-up on RAF base. 1964 November 10 Fort Riley, Kansas, USA 9 bodies 1965 San Miguel, Argentina 1965 December 9 Kecksburg, Michigan, USA Very famous controversial case. 1966 October 26 Arizona, USA 1 body 1967 January South-West Missouri, USA 40 inches disc 1968 February 12 Orocue, Columbia US say 'satellite debris'. 1972 July 18 Saharian desert, Morocco 3 bodies 1973 July 10 Northwest Arizona, USA 5 bodies 1974 Llandrillo, Clwyd, Wales, UK 1974 November 9 Carbondale, Pennsylvania, USA Hoax or cover story? 1974 May 17 Chili, New Mexico, USA UFO moved to Kirtland AFB. 1974 August 25 Chihuahua, Mexico Disc crash 1976 May 12 Desert, Australia 4 bodies 1977 April 5 South-West Ohio, USA 11 bodies 1977 June 22 Northwest Arizona, USA 5 bodies 1977 August 17 Tobasco, Mexico 2 bodies 1978 May 6 Padcaya, Bolivia Search team finds nothing. 1978 Ocean off Finland, USSR USSR army rcovers bodies. 1978 November 10 Lebannon 1988 Russia Hill 611: debris recovered, analysis, conclusion: ET craft. 1988 November Afghanistan 7 bodies 1989 Cap Ontario, Canada 1989 May 7 Kalahari desert, Botswana, South Africa (Hoax or controversial) 1989 Siberia 9 alive 1989 September 28 Smith's Point Beach, Long Island, New York, USA 1990 September 2 Megas Platanos, Greece 1992 April Niagara Falls, USA Recovery by Army in front of witnesses 1992 November Long Island, New York, USA UFO Network is investigating. 1994 Birmingham, UK 1996 January 20 Varginha, Brazil Alleged capture of aliens by the military. 2000 August 27 Balochistan, Pakistan Newspaper report ufos and ufo crash.

Abductions of UFOs

Not all abductions are malicious in intent. There is a grander scheme at work upgrading the human body and spirit. That later. While all this was going on, the Americans were happily taking pot shots at any UFO they could detect, and were getting great results, until they started messing with the big boys. The Earth is currently being surveyed and visited by fifteen known and catalogued races, and two unknown races - one of which is the triangular shaped craft now being seen all over the world, making a big show at Belgium a few years ago. These beings controlling the triangular craft have not been on the scene for very long, only about eight years, slowly increasing their numbers.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Catholic Astronomer Says "OK to Believe in Aliens"

From an article in the Vatican newspaper comes a statement from the Reverend Jose Gabriel Funes. This statement gives full approval for a Catholic to believe in aliens. Funes is the top astronomer at the Vatican, and he says that the great vastness of the universe certainly makes it possible that beings other than man may exist. This comes as no surprise, really, as other spokesmen for the Church have made similar statements before.
The main gist of the statement is that this "belief" does not constitute a contradiction with one's faith in God, or the Catholic Church doctrine. We can certainly take this a step further with no problem, and say that anyone who believes in God, can also possess this belief, and not be hypocritical. This has been a point of contention for many years among some Christians, who assert that since the Bible only mentions mankind as existing on planet Earth, it precludes the existence of life elsewhere.
Personally, I have not felt that contradiction, but it has often been discussed among Ufologists, UFO students, and skeptics. What do you think? Does a faith in God, and the Bible make it impossible for you to also believe in alien life? Is it a contradiction of your religious belief?

report 5---------------

Tennessee-05-05-07- At about 9:00 PM last night I stepped outside to smoke my pipe. (I don't smoke in the house.) I do this a couple of times every night, and usually scan the sky as I'm out, so I'm very familiar with what the night sky in my area looks like.
Last night as I was smoking, I saw a steady, bright light moving from south to north across the eastern Sky at about 45 degrees. It didn't flash in any way I saw. I had to step off my porch to follow it as it began to pass behind the trees in my yard. I followed it until I lost it behind the ridge line to my North.
I had just returned to my porch and was processing what I had seen, trying to decide what it was, when I glanced up and saw a SECOND light, identical to the first and on the same track. I had to move off the porch again to follow this one as well, and again I followed it until I lost it over the same ridge, in the same spot, as the first.
These were not like any lights I'm familiar with in our sky. I'm used to seeing planes and aviation lights come and go from Nashville International Airport 40 miles to our north. These were not like any of those I have ever seen. They may have been satellites, although I have seen satellites before in our sky before and these lights I saw were several degrees brighter. And I have never seen satellites moving on a straight south to north path before, and I have never seen two following exactly the same path so close in time and space to each other

report 4-----------------

Arizona-04-21-08-We live in Cave Creek and were driving home westbound on Lone Mountain between 7-7:30 PM on Monday evening. We first noticed the object as soon as we turned onto Lone Mountain from Scottsdale Rd. We could see a single bright, white light and red lights, and the object was descending slowly south and east. We kept thinking it was a helicopter, but as we got closer and pulled over to stop and watch, we could clearly see the outline of the object which was a trapezoid, with red lights on each corner, and as it moved at an angle it appeared to be a triangle.
It was either floating and silent or moving very slowly making very muffled "whooshing" vacuum-type sounds. We watched until it literally vanished before us. My son took a photo with his cell phone and the time stamp is 7:31 PM. We had been watching it several minutes prior. It was as close to the ground as the distance of flying a kite really high. We were fascinated and in awe, and felt no fear. When we arrived home we called family members to talk about what we just witnessed and were excited to see it on the news that evening.
We have been in this area for some time and are intimately familiar with air traffic patterns from the local airports, Deer Valley, Carefree, and Scottsdale. This was not a plane and it was not a helicopter. We are amused by the claims of balloons and flares and while we don't know what it was, we know what is was not, and it was not balloons and flares. No way!
How would those items create the distinct shape of a trapezoid and where's the explanation about how it traveled from the Deer Valley area east through the thousands of acres of state land peppered with gigantic above ground electrical towers.
We are also a military family and have been around military bases and military aircraft for years, this is unlike anything we've ever seen. We will be watching the skies and hope to post some good pictures for you.

report 3------------------------

Texas-04-28-08-At exactly 9:09 AM in McKinney, Texas, I was standing outside of my shop facing north watching a white Cessna 152 slowly crossing from west to east. Maybe he was going to land at the McKinney airport which was east of me. He was quite low, approximately 1,000 to 1,500 feet high, and maybe a half-mile due north of me.I could clearly see the stripe down the side of the plane. I then noticed an oval shaped object approaching at a high rate of speed. It came right over the top of the Cessna. Maybe 500 to 1,000 over the top of the plane. It was about one third the size of the plane. The object had a fuzzy white look to it, almost like a cloud shaped like a fat tic-tac.It was moving at almost a right angle to the plane, from a north-northeast to a south-southeast. I watched it for perhaps twenty seconds trying to decide if I should get my camera and chance losing sight of it. Wanting to have some evidence to show, I ran inside to get the camera and you guessed it: when I got outside I couldn't find it again. I took some pictures of the sky anyway hoping for something, but got nothing. I was very excited seeing the object that I ran upstairs to file a report, and I got today's date wrong so this is a correction of my original report.That will complete this week's reports, but be sure to check back next week for more UFO sighting reports. Until then, keep your eyes on the skies.

read people describing encounters in there own statements....its origional !!!!

Colorado-04-29-08-I was returning from a night of training at my gym, on the way home, about 11:00-11:10 PM. It was about a 1 hour drive. I was heading south on Wadsworth, and as soon as I passed 44th and Wads cross street, a green orb flew southeast over Wadsworth, about 100-200 ft above my car.At first I thought it was green fireworks, because I saw lights behind it, and it looked as if fireworks exploded. But the green orb was moving too fast easterly to be fireworks in the wind. The lights behind it reminded me of a jet or helicopter.The lights following the orb were white in a close V-shape, with a green light on one side and red on the other, I concluded a human vehicle. The light was moving faster than any jet I've ever seen fly in a suburban area, and the jet or helicopter was trying to keep up with it. It was moving so fast I couldn't keep up with them going 40 MPH in my vehicle.I tried to follow them with my eyes, but lost them behind some buildings, and by the time I got to a street that followed their direction, both were gone from my view. I started calling my friends letting them know what I saw. I was freaking out, and didn't know if I should call 911 or police, or what. I have never seen anything fly that low and quick in the city, and no one I called would believe what I just saw.The next morning on the way to work I was heading east on Colfax toward Denver, and I saw two sets of 2 black government helicopters flying close together over Denver, and more north toward Lakewood. After seeing those the next morning, I knew something wasn't right, and it confirmed that something happened the night before, so I decided to report this.

What do you think about aliens...?

As a longtime investigator of unusual phenomena, I have no doubt that UFOs exist. UFOs, are, of course, Unidentified Flying Objects, and "unidentified" simply means that what the eyewitness saw was not immediately recognized by that person, at that time, under those circumstances. There are many things in the skies that the average person may not be able to identify from a quick look but that a pilot, a meteorologist, or an astronomer might instantly recognize. There are also seemingly unusual experiences that most people may not understand but that a psychologist can explain.With alien encounters, we find that often an explanation lies not necessarily in the skies but in our minds. Humans are pattern-seeking creatures, and our brains try desperately to make sense of things we don’t immediately recognize. Often we are correct in our assessments of what we see and experience, but many times we simply misperceive, misunderstand, or misremember.Those who claim to encounter aliens and see UFOs are sometimes ridiculed as crazy, but in fact we are all hardwired with the same fallible brains. While some people seek out the skeptical or scientific explanations, others decide that since they can’t explain something, no one else can either, and therefore that experience is mysterious or inexplicable.So with that, here are 10 alleged alien encounters—those brushes with aliens (or supposed aliens) that have been definitively debunked over the years.